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Wow That Was Amazing. Tammy's voice was Made for Hypnosis!

Wow – that was amazing!  That was the best hypnosis session I’ve ever experienced and I’ve been hypnotized several times in my lifetime by several different hypnotists over the years. But the whole experience with Tammy’s voice, and the music in the headphones was phenomenal.  I feel so good and so much better.  The atmosphere was so relaxing and comfortable.  Her voice is absolutely perfect for what she does.  I know a lot of people and I will be referring them to her.

I was desperate to come in right away and Tammy accommodated my schedule and saw me at 6:00 PM on a Sunday night.  I will be returning.

Debra A.

If You’ve Never Experienced Hypnosis You Should Give It a Try

If You’ve Never Experienced Hypnosis An Adventure Awaits You – I’ve Found Hypnosis to Be Life Changing and Wonder Why at 62 I Didn’t Seek This Sooner.
Michael R.

Thank You Tamara!!
My wife and friends/customers have noticed a change already. I looked forward to our sessions and have already “shed” 8 lbs this month. I used hypnosis to lose weight 20+ years ago-so I knew it worked. The group sessions don’t allow for the kind of personalization that many of us need. I highly [...]

I had been having constant back pain for about 6 weeks. Had a session of Hypnotherapy and it hasn’t bothered me since. Felt really relaxed and calm.
Robert A.
St. Petersburg, Florida

Tammy was very professional and understanding. I appreciated the fact that she ran through a battery of questions and answers at the beginning and made sure that I understood what I should expect from our sessions. I stopped smoking at the beginning of April. It is now almost the end of June and I haven’t [...]


Testimonial from Teri Lake – Personalized Hypnosis Session Helps Teri Quit Smoking – Client has been a permanent Non Smoker for 4 months since seeing Tamara.

Teri says she she is very thankful for the help she received to quit smoking. She says that she received everything she needed to get through the first few weeks of cravings and beyond [...]